A random observation...

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Ella is a lot like a cat...

  • She only likes affection if she initiates it
  • She has to have things "just so" before she can go to sleep
  • Can we say priss!
  • She tends to be very wary of new people and needs to be allowed time to warm up to them
  • Once she has warmed up to you...you have a friend for life
  • Hates to have her hands or clothes dirty

Ezra is our puppy dog...
  • Loves hugs, cuddles, kisses, and any form of affection!
  • Will plop down on the floor and just roll around
  • Has never met a stranger
  • Never hesitates to eat anything...on your plate, off of the floor, whatever
  • Has never met a dustball or dirt clod he didn't like
  • He is your friend for life...until the next person feeds him or plays with him =)

I wonder what #3 will be like?...
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Becky Swann said...

This is great! I want number 3 to be like a...bear! A good sleeper, really cuddly and it's tummy growls when it's hungry!

mommajeane said...

What great analogies... I think a bear would be sweet too for number 3.

Jeremullet said...

A good hunting dog would be great too.