A night of catch-up...

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Since the beginning of the week was a wash due to sickness...I have been feeling quite behind in all my Christmas preparations, namely shopping. So, once Jeremiah came home yesterday I headed out for a night of catch-up.

Here are some observations and thoughts from my night:

  • How come I can always easily find the best parking spots when the kids aren't with me?
  • How come when Jeremiah asks me what I want for Christmas I can't think of a single thing, but when I'm out shopping I see tons of things?
  • Even though I know how much I enjoy gift cards...why do I still feel like I'm cheating when I get someone else a gift card?
Also...You might be pregnant if...

After thinking for 30 minutes about what sounds good to eat, you finally decide on a plain cheesburger happy meal...then you find yourself tearing up when they mess your order up and give you chicken nuggets and apple dippers...which you discover only after you've driven away.

One more thing...

We are so excited around here because my WHOLE family (yes, all 22 of them!) is coming in for the weekend. We will be doing our Christmas with them this weekend. Craziness will abound at all times, but it is going to be so much fun!

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Tasha Via said...

Oh, I hope you are feeling 100% by the time they get there! Have a blast=)

Deb H said...

Enjoy the chaos! Tell everyone we send our love and hello's! Stay warm if you can! Good time for a big bon fire I think!!

love you all