Weekend fun, part two

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Ella was in rare form this weekend...clearly wound up by all the fun and family!

We had all gone out to lunch together on Saturday and during the course of the meal I watched Ella reach over and hit Ezra on the head. I promptly walked her to the bathroom to talk with her and dole out "consequences".

Here's the conversation we had in the bathroom stall:

Me: "Did you hit Ezra?"

Ella: "Ummm, yeah"

Me: "Are we allowed to hit our brother?"

Ella: "No"

Me: "Why aren't we allowed to hit?"

Ella: "Because God made everyone good...Ezra too"
(I was very surprised at this answer because I have never said that to her...but hey, she was right!)

Ella continuing on: "Mommy, please don't spank me...show me grace"

Let's just say...
she didn't get any consequences that afternoon =)
It's too hard to do when you are laughing so hard!
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mommajeane said...

She sure sounds lots like her momma... the answers they give you allow a glimpse into when they get older...I think you guys are in trouble if she already is thinking smart.

Briana said...

wow. that is amazing. i wish i could have been there squeezed in that stall with you. (ok, that's a bit weird, but you know what i mean!)

Deb H said...

ohhh you are in soooo much trouble! It's about time for dad and I to pop some popcorn!! ;-)