Weekend fun, part three...

The weekend ended on an awesome note...

A surprise in the making for almost three months finally came to fruition!

Jeremiah was surprised Sunday afternoon by 3 vans full of Grey Stone students and leaders and college students...

Not just surprised by their arrival, Christmas caroling, or basket of yummy goodies...


Surprised by their gift of a big, flat screen LCD tv for him!

A tv I have always wanted to get for him...but never would have
been able to. As those of you that are in the ministry know...you don't make your decision to go into ministry because of the hours or the thanks or the pay =) I was so touched that they did this for Jeremiah...for him to feel appreciated.

It truly made our Christmas.

And if the pictures weren't enough...here's a little video of his face when he first saw it =)


mommajeane said...

He sure deserves it... Merry Christmas Jeremiah... we knew about it too and it was hard to keep it quiet.


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