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Since we are about half way through April, I guess it is time for an update on what we did in March.

(I think my new life motto should be "better late than never"...)

I should warn that I hardly took any school photo's this month. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I know I hate reading posts that aren't picture heavy, so you have my permission to skip this one.

We continued to work our way through all the required math stuff and came up with a good plan to make sure we were completing lessons but still allowing time to reinforce new concepts. We double up math lessons on Tues, Wed, and Thursday. Then on Friday we do games and experiments to really review the new concepts taught that week. This has been great for certain new ideas that Ella has been covering: fractions, counting by 3's and 4's, and measuring, etc.

Ella's reading has completely taken off! She reads all the time now and I do mean all the time! She reads in the car, she reads in her bed at night, she will even walk around the house with a book stuck to her face. I can't keep enough new books in the house these days. Yes, I am so proud.

With her language arts we really focused on a few areas: contractions and correct capitalization and punctuation. We also did some fun projects on homophones. Please don't confuse that word with homophobe, ha. I don't plan on making that a part of her 1st grade education.

The boys worked their way through the alphabet and are up to letter M at the moment.

Our science unit for the month was weather. We had done a unit on clouds and the water cycle last year so we focused on other areas this time around. I made a "weather center" and we kept a daily record of the weather and moon phases. I also incorporated vocabulary into this and Ella had to pick one of them that best described the weather for that day...brisk, glorious, balmy, sweltering, etc.  We also focused a lot on calender stuff...days of the week, months of the year, and the four seasons.

Doing a fun experiment on the protective powers of sun screen.

Of course, one has to be outside to experience the we took a lot of our activities outside for the month of March!

I broke up each week of the month to cover one season. Here is Ella participating in our "snowball" fight during Winter week.

Ezra making some ice-cream for letter I week.

In other homeschool news, I finally looked up the info and organized all the documents I will need to officially register our homeschool this Summer. Now all I have to do is come up with a name for it. Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Something I think would be super helpful is your process to organize your homeschool plans...what has helped you? Resources that have sparked ideas? I am in my 3rd year of home-schooling and still struggle to plan and organize then execute well. Would love to be "taught" in this and hear your thoughts!