not me monday

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I did not walk into my bathroom this week and find

I did not walk into my bathroom this week and find Ezra...well...


(If I say it fast maybe it makes it sound better?!)

Then again, it doesn't matter how bad it sounds, because it didn't happen.

And I most certainly didn't freak out and say something really really (really) stupid that then spurned a whole host of questions I am just not ready to answer yet to my FOUR YEAR OLD SON.

Oh please, tell me it didn't happen.
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DebHambrick said...

oh Jenn, that must not have really happened! a nightmare maybe? hahahah

Tasha Via said...

That's funny, because as soon as we walked in the door from Memphis we were greeted with tampons and pads decorating our house, ha! Cai and Alethia were using them as birthday candles...
There went my CVS feminine hygeine stash:)

Stacey said...

Oh dear heavens! You lived to tell about it! OMG. really. =)

Kelly Via said...

I'm SO glad that DIDN'T happen. WOW.