zoe elizabeth: 8 months

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Zoe turns eight months old today.

It's true.
Despite my denial.
She is growing up.

She is lovely and very well loved.
Very very well loved.

She just may hold the record for the number of nicknames alloted to an individual: Zooble, Z-girl, ZoZo, Zoe-bear, and my personal favorite, baby Goosey, given by her adoring Ezra.

For posterity sake, here is what Zoe's day looks like at the moment:

7am - wake up, milk, snuggles, breakfast, and playtime
9am - morning nap
11am - wake up, milk, lunch, playtime and more playtime
2pm - afternoon nap
4pm - wake up, milk, hinder mommy from making dinner, dinner, family playtime
7pm - bath, pj's, milk, and bed

I should note that an -ish should be added to all of the above times because Zoe is our least predictable child in regards to a daily schedule. Mostly due to the fact that we have three other children that we have to be flexible to. And flexible she is, thankfully!

She cruises around the furniture in the house like a pro these days. She can stand independently for a few seconds now and I won't be surprised if we see her take a step in the next month. She thinks getting her diaper or clothes changed is a torturous act and reacts accordingly. She loves to dive headfirst off of the sofa or bed and "wrestle" with her Daddy. 

She loves her blanket and paci at bedtimes and will snuggle her face into them before falling asleep.

She can say Dada like a champ and a few other sounds...but nothing that resembles a Mama yet.

She still sports a gorgeous toothless grin. Although she doesn't let it stop her from eating pretty much anything, with mexican, spaghetti, yogurt, fruits and veggies as her favorites. Her pincer grasp is getting better and better and at least some of her food actually makes it to her mouth these days.

And, as promised, video proof of her dancing to the music. She saves her best grooves for her daddy's singing voice...

Adorable, eh?!

Dearest Zoe,

You are awesome. Just incredibly awesome. You are so loved around here that I fear you are at risk of becoming the spoiled baby of the family! You are living up to your name and bring so much life to our family. Can you please stop growing up so fast now.

All my love,

Your Momma

Happy Eight Months!

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Tasha Via said...

She is TOO cute! I LOVED getting to cuddle her a couple of days ago. Thanks for letting us crash your day off!