you are my sunshine: Zoe's room

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I seem to have adopted a different lullaby with each of my children.
A song that was special just for them.

Ella's was an old celtic lullaby taura laura.
Ezra got hush little baby.
Even Eli got one as I'd sing and rock him a lot in those early weeks when he joined our family, an old Keith Green rendition of the 23rd psalm, the actual name unknown.

It is oh so sweet to me when the older ones come to me (only every now and then these days...) and ask for their song.

Zoe's song is You are My Sunshine. 
In fact we don't even call it that. It is just Zoe's song.

And it was the source of my inspiration for her new room.
Although to call it a room is generous.
It is more like Zoe's closet?

She is used to a closet, after all.

But I have learned that all a baby really needs in their room is a place to sleep, be rocked, and something to hold their stuff. It is not like she actually plays in there at this age.

Therefore, I give you Zoe's new space...

The kids really got into painting the new artwork for her room. I just outlined in pencil and they filled it in with the colors I  had laid out.

The view from the door. I told you it was tiny...but at least it has a window!

And a closet too.

The finished masterpiece =)

My feeding/rocking/heaven on earth spot.

I repurposed an old dresser in the house and repainted it (again...this was it's 3rd coat!) to serve as her new dresser. It is small but holds everything it needs to.

These art cards have been in every nursery of mine. It made my heart so happy to have them up in her room.

A sunshine filled room fit for our little slice of sunshine.
Can you tell she is a little bit loved around here?

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Allyson said...

That is so sweet. My dad used to sing that song to me as well. Such a sweet memory to be reminded of :)

Kristen said...

LOVE IT! So sweet!

Tasha Via said...

Oh Jenn, it looks GREAT!

Jacqueline said...

I love it!! Very creative! I also sing You Are My Sunshine to my 4 month old daughter. She gives me a gummy grin every time! =)