Ella's Baptism

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First of all, let it be noted that the weather was absolutely beautiful. Perhaps the most beautiful day of the year? Yes, lets go ahead and say it was. 

Second of all, let it be noted that beyond the day I gave my life to the Lord, married Jeremiah, and witnessed Ella giving her life to the Lord...this was the best moment of my life!  I am always teary and overcome during anybody's baptism... but watching my firstborn daughter publicly declare her faith in Jesus Christ was unbelievable.

Our Creek Church family assembling on the banks of the Jordan Lake.

All three sets of Ella's grandparents wrote her letters encouraging her in her decision and sharing their pride in her boldness. I loved watching her face as she read them...

And finally, my favorite photo of the day...

Would you think me a sappy sap if I admit that I tear up every time I look at it?

I do.

I love this sweet girl of mine who is going to do bold things for Jesus.
I love this strong husband of mine who so tenderly loves and raises his children to know the Savior.
But Mostly, I am overwhelmed by the relentless love of my Lord, who pursues my children with the same passion he pursued me.

To God be the glory, great things he has done!
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Well, yes, you are sappy sap - but that's OK! I think it comes with momhood! I'm the Queen of Sappy Sap! Just ask MY children - ha! I even teared up at all of this!!
Congratulations to her, to you, to it all!!

How special! Pray I get to witness the same thing one day with my boys!

mommajeane said...

That picture with her daddy is precious...thank you for sharing. You see a precious little one who really understands in that picture...her smile says so much.I love Jeremiah's smile too - there is nothing like watching your child find the joy of your salvation in Jesus and then watching her children step into that same joy of really knowing who Jesus is and what he did for each one of us. Bless you Ella.

Tasha Via said...

Jenn, that is SO amazing! The photos capture such a beautiful action. You and Jeremiah are doing a wonderful job raising your kids to love Jesus!

I'm kind of a fan:)

Stacey said...