thursday thoughts (on Thursday!)

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The re-entry into school is happening this week. Otherwise known as kick-my-bootay week.

I am always busy.
But this week I am BUSY.
I know that we will get into the hang of things and figure out a good routine. Right? Right.
And I know my kids have learned this week.
Already the 2nd day was better than the 1st, the 3rd better than the, I know it is going to get better.

And I don't know why I have to repeatedly remind myself that I am homeschooling, a non-traditional form of educating my children. I DON'T have to feel as though I need to follow the traditional "way" of doing school.   I ended up letting the kids sleep in yesterday (and I am writing this they are still snoozing away) and realize that it may make our school day a bit longer in the afternoons...but I like my quiet slow mornings, dang it, and  that is ok.

You all do realize that I am just talking to myself here, right. Good.

Zoe. Oh, Zoe. Our 4th child who is by far our least predictable sleeper. Decided that last night was par-tay night and everyone was invited from 2-4am.

Please wait a second while I go pour a 2nd cup of coffee.

Yes, I know it's blurry. That's the speed we are at these days with her. Her newest trick is plugging her ears with her elbows when I say something she doesn't like. I think she is practicing for the future.
Another thing kicking my boo-tay this week is our gym membership. Folks, I am about to acknowledge something about myself that is hard to admit: I like to exercise.

I know, I know...a morning person and I like to exercise. Please don't hate.

I have decided that taking classes at the gym is a great stress reliever for me and I push myself much harder than when I work out alone. Hence the bootay kicking. Zumba was just the beginning...

I am realizing that I really need to utilize my crock-pot more. Anybody want to share some good recipes that your family loves? Preferably non-cream soup recipes. I know, pinterest is always good for recipe ideas...but it is no substitute for friends and family recipes!

And here is where I give my two cents on the whole 2012 political campaign. Are you ready?...

I hate politics.

Sorry Grandad, but I do. I already can't wait for it to be after November.

TaDa. Deep and good stuff, huh. Ruminate on that for a while, why dontcha.

Happy Thursday!
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Allyson said...

My mom's roast is by far my favorite crock pot recipe! Simply put a chuck roast into the crock pot, pour a can of golden mushroom soup over it (or 2 if you want more juice), and sprinkle a pack of lipton onion dry onion mix over it. Turn on low for 6-8 hours and ta-da! It's amazing!

Oh and do yourself a favor and invest in the crock-pot liners. They're hidden on the aisle with aluminum foil and ziploc bags but they are a life saver! No clean up necessary, just take out the bag when you're done and throw it away!

Also I love this website for great crockpot recipes. They've got everything in categories. So you can find a recipe for anything you have on hand.

mommajeane said...

I love this picture of Zoe...just love it :) Made me smile tonite.

Tasha Via said...

Man I miss you and your wittiness:)

Yay for the first week of school under your belt.

Yay for letting your kids sleep in. We started that "routine" after the first week as well, ha!

Ha! on Zoe's new trick. I don't think I could cover my ears with my elbows if I tried.

Yay for gym memberships and sweating out all the mommy angst that gets built up as we desperately try to hang on to our happy hearts throughout the day.


AMEN to hating politics and anxiously awaiting it's finale in November!

Kelly Via said...

If you get some great crock pot recipes, feel free to send them on over to me as well!! Happy first week of school; I know it will be wonderful, and you will get a good routine down for your family soon! I have found that running is one of my biggest stress/anxiety relievers. So, the gym works on the thighs AND the brain :) Double prizes!

I'd love to see you rockin some Zumba! Way to have the guts to join in; I haven't found those guts yet...