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3 weeks in and I finally feel a groove settling in our school routine...

The boys are doing an apple unit this month.

Calendar center

Diagramming the parts of a plant.
I actually wore a hoodie yesterday. Oh, yes...Fall is here. Or 3 days away, if you want to get technical about it. However, I believe the reappearance of Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is a more accurate (and more delicious!) way of determining the emergence of the new season.

I took a kettleball class this week at the gym and am just now able to sit down without grimacing. Who knew that swinging around a black ball would be so traumatizing to my muscles? Zumba may have traumatized my pride, but kettleball did a number on my body.

Jeremiah has started working with the youth at our church this week. I got to go for a little bit of the 1st night and realized I had totally forgotten how much fun it is to hang out with teenagers. Yes, I feel old...but goodness, I love their energy. And their honest approach to studying the Word is refreshing. I am looking forward to this new phase for our ministry.

The kids started Awana clubs at another local church this week also. The first night was a bit overwhelming for them (me?!) if I'm honest...but I am hoping they (me?!) will get into a groove with it. I'm just not so good at the whole large groups of small children thing, it tends to make me a bit twitchy. But 2 out of the 3 big ones said they loved it and the only thing they didn't like was we will give it a good college try. Or something like that, ha!

It is official. I am completely booked up for photo sessions in October, with not an open spot to be found. That is pretty exciting for me, perhaps a tad bit nerve racking because of my perfectionist tendencies and my love of white space within my life...however, I am going with it!

I do still have some November spots open if you are interested...just go here to request more info!

I have more to write, but this is feeling lengthy enough as it we will go ahead and cut it off =)

Happy Thursday!

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Tasha Via said...

I always LOVE seeing your school creativity!

And is fall. I gage it more by the pumpkin spic latte than by the calendar;)

That means we need to get one, together, sans kids!