photojournal: a play date otherwise known as a party

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We met up with our Via family this week for a playdate at a park to take advantage of the beautiful weather...and I decided to take it a step further and throw a cake into the mix and call it Ezra's birthday party!

Shh...don't tell him that his mother hates planning parties and will always choose the lazy/cheap route. Always. Seriously, don't tell him.

I like to call this his fake-constipated smile. 

Testing out his new wheels. 

Little girl thinks she is a big girl. Good thing I had Daddy backup for the morning.

Whenever the Via family is around there are always cute babies...Hannah enjoyed chillin with Zoe in the pack in play. 

These sweet boys loved the crazy big slide!

Of course Ella is holding a frog. I love how out of place Ezra looks in this, ha!

How bout that coordination of the bow and the slide color. Oh yes, I am that good.

How bout the hottie cutting the cake! How bout that finger in the corner of the picture.

Of course the cake was organic. And the fly provided extra protein at no extra charge.

He would sleep in these if I'd let him.

Eli was the sweetest encouraging brother to Ezra. I know he was struggling with some jealousy (sibling birthdays can be hard...) but he worked through it and I was so proud of him. I love my boys.

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Kelly Via said...

I looked at the first picture, and I instantly thought, "Oh wow, he looks like Jeremiah in this picture." Then, I read the caption and almost busted out laughing. Awesome!

What a super fun day!! I am so glad I was able to see it through pictures. Sad that I missed it!

Happy Birthday, Ezra!!