How (not?) To Make Out With Your Husband

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 (Oh, yes, I am going there!)

1.  Take the minivan on a hot date to First Fridays in Raleigh.
2.   Eat good food. Listen to fun music. Look at cool art. Otherwise known as: Have a blast together.
3.  Attempt to climb in the backseat of the van and realize you forget to take out the 4 (four!) car seats from the back of the van.
5.  Also realize that you forgot to remove all the we-have-four-kids-debris from the cracks of the back seats before leaving for the date. Crushed pretzels embedded into your kneecaps, anyone?

And finally, most importantly...

6. Don't pick the parking spot next to the doggy-poop bag stand as you might possibly be interrupted by nosy dog walkers with flashlights. Ahem.

Of course this is all for future reference for you all.
Of course.
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Totally been there. Carseats make for some very difficult maneuvering. Possible, but difficult :). Haven't had to worry about dog walkers and flash lights, thank goodness!

OMG you are HILARIOUS! I love that you tired to get to get to the backseat for some nookie and couldn't....SO real.

Stacey said...

embedded pretzels in kneecaps...

Sorry about the dog walker freaks with flashlights. =)

Bahahaha!!!!! This is awesome!

Kelly Via said...