the revelations found in an afternoon at the park

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Last Friday was gloriously beautiful. 
Highs near 70, sunny, and perfect. 
Just perfect. 
Too perfect to just stay indoors. 

We got through school quick, motivated by the beckoning sunshine, and headed out to a local park.
I brought my camera, a rare occasion these days when I have all 4 with me at an outing, as keeping up with Zoe kinda cramps my photo taking style. However, I have been sorely lacking in documenting my family in photos this month and was determined to capture some memories.

When we got back home and I was looking though my photos, I had to laugh at how much truth is revealed in these simple shots.

Ella is silly and strong and was all about finding "new" ways to master the playground. Going from one side of the park to the other without touching the mulch, etc. And getting in some major air...

Zoe is just busy.
Moving from one thing to the next, enjoying it all.

Eli was slow and methodical, but mastering every playground apparatus with a developing confidence that makes my heart want to shout.  He initiated a few friendships of his own this afternoon, a new thing for him, and I loved watching their sweet interactions. This very same balancing rope was impossible for him the last time we visited this park...NOT ANYMORE!

Finally, I have not one picture of Ezra.
He was too busy running around with his new found 10 best buddies, directing their play, and conquering the playground.
Stopping for pictures for his mommy was rather low on the priority list this afternoon.

Yeah, kinda amazing how much can be revealed during an afternoon at a park.
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