thursday thoughts (on Friday)

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We went as a family this week to vote.

Next time I would take all four kids and leave the husband at home as he taught the kids to yell out "Long love the King!" at random times while we were at the voting center. True story.

Although I think the looks of disdain from passerbys were a bit harsh. They were just trying to have a little fun. 


Jeremiah is taking the kids up to Virginia for the next 36 hours to go to a fundraiser for his parents "House of Hope" in Haiti. I can't go as I've got more photo shoots this weekend (and a lot of editing to catch up on...)

Do you realize what that means for me people?

I am going to be entirely alone and by myself for the next 36 hours!!!!!!!!!
(Except for our ferocious pit-bull that is guarding me and my loaded gun should you be a weirdo reading this and think up any malicious plans.)

What in world am I going to do with myself?

Probably some lame things like clean the house and grocery shop. But maybe I'll get a little crazy and go get a pedicure or something? Who knows...

Happy Friday!
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Tasha Via said...

I don't even need to tell you to enjoy your alone time:)

OH MY GOSH. I think I would spend half of it sleeping. Then laundry and reading in my pjs.