The Hambrick Kids Games, trampoline edition

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Game #1: Squish da' Baby

Inventor: Eli and Ezra Hambrick
Items needed: 1 ball per player
How to play:
1. Pick 2 or 3 players.
2. Players insert a ball under their shirt and take their places at their respective corners of the trampoline, preferably opposite corners.
3. Players run full force at each other, heads back, and attempt to "squish da babies".
4. When a "baby" has popped out and been squished the game is over.
5. Repeat and repeat and repeat until all the babies have been squished numerous times.

Game #2: Pants on the Ground

Inventor: Ella Hambrick
Items needed: 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of shorts per player.
How to play:
1. Each player puts on a pair of pants then layers a pair of shorts over the pants.
2. Jump until the shorts fall down around your ankles.
3. Attempt to run and jump with shorts still around your ankles.
4. Laugh hysterically at each other as you fall down numerous times.
5. Pull your shorts back up.
6. Repeat and repeat and repeat until someone gets hurt.

Pants on the ground was first played without the layering...results were a tad bit more hysterical. However, my modesty conscious daughter came up with the layering idea in order to keep the game "per-propriate" (translation: appropriate).

Yeah, my kids are pretty much awesome.
Who needs Milton and Bradley?

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fantastic games! we will have to try some of these at Grandma's trampoline... :)

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