snapshot: a gaggle of girls

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From L to R: Lila (Ella's aunt), Ava (Ella's cousin), Selah (Ella's aunt), Ella, and finally, Mya, and Sari (both Ella's aunts)

The kids and I are up at my Mom's this week for a fall visit. (Reason #48 for why I love homeschooling...we just packed up the books and were able to get away and still do school!)  We are all loving our time here. Ella especially! And goodness, I love all those sweet little girls! I seriously have the best sisters and nieces in the world!

Jeremiah is faring just fine on his own at home. I'm hearing rumors of new bathroom floors when I return?! That man is amazing.
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Kelly Via said...

What a sweet picture! I bet they have a blast together!