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We are in the throes of Halloween costume choosing at our house. I suffer from extreme costume anxiety and therefore insist that my children choose costumes that 1) are cheap 2) are easy, or 3) already within the walls of our house. Ella has remained consistent on her choice for the past several weeks...

Until this week.
Now its all up in the dad-blamed air again and she is vascillating between about 13 different choices.

I had/have 3 photo sessions this week alone. Busy, busy...but good busy. I still can't believe I get to do this at times. And then sometimes I think what in the world was I thinking?!

On the photography note I am always (always!) looking for good location ideas...if any of you local peeps have any good ideas I would love to be in the know! Pass it on!

Jeremiah and I just purchased airline tickets for a big upcoming trip...
I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

How's that to leave you hanging, ha!
Don't worry, details to come.
And here's a hint...

I had been slacking in the whole meal planning area for a while and got my act together last week...and was able to cook a homemade dinner every night this week. That makes me feel all supermom-ish and stuff.

I also (finally!) get to share some big news from within our (lil') sister Mary Kate and her husband Keith are officially announcing their adoption of two beautiful children from Ghana! Their dossier is already in Ghana and they are hopeful to have court sometime in November! I have seen the pictures of my newest neice and nephew and are absolutely beautiful! I know they'd appreciate your prayers through this process.

I love that our extended family keeps getting more and more colorful. Its a beautiful thing!

Happy Saturday!
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mommajeane said...

You and Jeremiah along with Mary Kate and Keith have blessed our hearts tremendously…watching you all step into the journey of adoption has been an amazing gift to us. Excited about all that was mentioned in your blog :)

I think I have an idea where you guys might be going and if it's where I think...AWESOME!!! :)