rainy day solutions

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On a recent rainy day I was beginning to get a bit twitchy with all the un-released energy coming out of my children in some, ahem...not so positive ways.

I know, I know...hard to believe. Not my children!

My solution?

The pillow pit.

Have the kids gather up all the sofa cushions, pillows, and unused blankets in the house and throw them into a big pile in the family room. Cover all hard coffee table edges. Let the fun ensue...

Don't forget to laugh when your child emerges from the bottom of the pit with some left over popcorn stuck to her face...

Energy released.
Sanity restored.
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mommajeane said...

I can see Zoe fits right in with the rest of them….Looks like fun.

DebHambrick said...

You are a very fun mama! What a blast! Zoe is right in there with the big kids! Love the popcorn pic!