2008 is going to be Great! oh, this is Jeremiah!

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Well, its here. 2008. Man, we were supposed to be living on the moon and driving flying cars by now. I figured that everybody gets to blog about how cool their church is, and it seemed like a good time to show all of you up =) Man, things are going crazy at Grey Stone. Last Sunday we had 785 in attendance, not bad considering that a year and a half ago we were lucky to get 350. I know, numbers aren't anything, but its cool to see the place packed at both services. Anyway, we have a ton planned for 2008. The Student Ministry is picking up steam and we are having new guests each week, they actually come back too. We will start off campus small groups called c-groups this year, start Student Ministry Teams, start Friday night events in the new gym, and thats just the 7-12 graders. Our college ministry will kick off with a brand new room in the attic of the church, start Tuesday night bible studies, c-groups on Sundays, and travel to Haiti with my dad in May. Our church is building new class rooms, remodeling the gym for a brand new modern worship service called Elevation. No it was not my idea to call it that, but the logo is going to be sweet. So, needless to say, I may lose my mind this year. I have to recruit small group leaders, ministry team leaders, a band, get the sound system, visit Duke a lot, and teach on Tuesday nights! I am pumped, but I am definitely going to need some prayer. So, if you guys think about it, pray for our church and for me. 2008 is really going to great!
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if you are looking for a band, i used to know a good one, something about black friday or good riddance, something like that. ;)

sounds exciting! you should have Ella make some calls for you, apparently she get's prompt responses. :)