Smart Girl

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This morning Ella and I were eating breakfast together. She was enjoying her "squeeze" yogurt(go-gurts, her newest favorite food!)and had finished the whole thing with remarkably little mess. She was examining the outside of the container and asking me "what's that Momma" about every little thing. I wasn't really paying attention and was just rambling off stuff. Well, she pointed to a shape on the container and asked what it was:

Ella - "What's that Momma?"
Me - "That's an octagon"
Ella - Silence for a good 30sec.
Me - Kept checking my email
Ella - "No Momma, that's a hexagon"

As you can see from the below picture, the shape has 6 sides, not 8, and is therefore a hexagon. I stand corrected by my 2 year old.

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