Update on Jim (Jeremiah's dad)

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We just heard from Debbie (Jeremiah's mom) this afternoon and here's what we know: After 24 LOOOONG hours in the ER they just got a room (Why in the world does it take so long?) and they are continuing to run tests. They did a CT scan of his head and neck and have heard 2 conflicting reports from the dr's. One said everything looked normal, one said there was a non-bleeding aneurysm. So, they are doing another CT, this time w/ dye, and are continuing to rule out other possibilities for his symptoms (severe headache w/ no relief for 10+ days and extremely high blood pressure). So, continue to pray, specifically that Jim is able to get some relief from the headache (even morphine isn't helping at this point) and get some rest. Pray that the dr's have wisdom in diagnosing him, and for strength for Debbie. Thank you!
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We'll be praying. Keep us posted. Love you guys!