What in the world?

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It's almost 10pm and I am sitting on the couch listening to Ella. She is alternating between singing her ABC's and yelling sorry. We got home from church at 8pm and I changed her into her pajamas, tucked her in her bed, said prayers and read our devotional together, kissed her, and walked out of her room like I do EVERY single night. She usually goes right to sleep or just plays quietly for a few minutes and then drifts off. NOT TONIGHT. I don't know what is up with her? She started crying hysterically the moment I shut her door. I went in and checked on her and she calmed down. She started crying again the moment I shut the door. Checked again. Again, she cried. I checked (and threatened!) once again. We agreed that she could sleep with her door cracked and that stopped the crying. That was an hour ago. She is still up...as I said before alternating her abc's and saying sorry. Let's hope this night is a fluke!
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interesting. Abc's and apoligizing....hmmm did you perhaps get in a fight about the alphabet before bed? ;) that might explain it.