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We made it. We survived 2 days of skiing in the coldest conditions I have ever (or will ever) ski in. It was 3 degrees (-13 w/ windchill) on Sunday. Brrrr! Despite the frigid weather and VERY crowded slopes everyone had a blast and did really well. Out of the 22 students that went only 4 had ever skied before...so Jeremiah and I became the Grey Stone Ski Instructors =) With the exception of 2(they got real familiar w/ the lodge)...all of them picked it up really quickly! We did have have one injury, a broken hand of one of the middle school boys. Other than that, it was an awesome trip! The worship at night was led by Vicky Beeching and the speaker was Adam Robinson. Both were great and our students seemed to really soak in their messages. Ella and Ezra did great for my Mom and enjoyed their special time with her. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MOM!!!! I swear Ezra got even bigger in just 4 days if that is possible =) And Ella's vocabulary expanded ALOT thanks to her Aunt Mya =) I know most everyone in Durham was sad not to see more snow here, but I was actually glad not to miss out on a real snow event with the kids. Now that we're home though...bring the winter weather on!

I'll post some pics of the weekend later.
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the broomes said...

Glad you guys had a great weekend...wow, that sounds cold! Isn't it great to be able to go and minister alongside our husbands and trust that our kids are okay!!?
I love Ella's hair!!! It looks so CUTE! Did you cut it yourself?...If so, I am very impressed!