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After several nights of Ella battling bedtime and not falling asleep until 10pm (you can see my previous post for more details) I think we have finally figured out what the issue was...too much sleep for her. I know, some of you might say there is no such thing as too much sleep (ahem...Briana & Kelly! hehe) but she was averaging 12hours of sleep at night and then taking a 3+ hour nap in the afternoon. So, for now I am putting her down for her nap at 2pm (it was previously 1:30pm) and getting her up by 4pm. I am also not letting her sleep past 8:30am. That seems to be working! Not so much "me" time anymore...but that's ok. I am learning to embrace each stage we go through as it really does go by so quickly.

I have decided that Ezra is not a little boy, he is a little piggie! He is soooo big! He went for his 4month check up yesterday and weighed over 17lbs and is 26in long! 90% for both height and weight! The boy loves to eat! I had planned on waiting to start solid foods with him at 6mos (like we did with Ella) but he is definitely ready NOW =) So bring on the mashed naners' and sweet potatoes! I have a very bad feeling about the increase on our grocery bill =)

Remember I posted about the 1st showing of our house this past Saturday? Well, apparently the couple who saw it really like it. Their people called our people and told them that they were interested, but had a couple more houses they wanted to see on their list. They wanted to be called though if we had any other "interest" in the house by anyone else. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but that sounds promising to me! How crazy would that be...to sell the house the 1st day on the market w/ our very 1st showing?! It must be all those pointers I picked up from watching HGTV for hours and hours on end =)
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Tasha Via said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. 1st yeah, you found the reason for the night-time troubles. Don't kiss all your mommy time away quite yet. Remember when Areyna was "done with naps"? It was the same thing, too much sleep. Then after about a week or 2 of off and on naps (mostly off) she went back to sleeping her 3 or more hour naps and still doesn't get up sometimes until after 9! 2nd yeah, little Ezra is becoming such a handsome big boy...we didn't know we'd have to budget so big for groceries for those boys. 3rd yeah, I'm so glad that you have a MAYBE on the house. Even if they don't end up with it, it def. leaves you hopeful for a short-term time on the market=) We're continuing to pray for Jim and Debbie (and Jeremiah).