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Our house went on the market yesterday and we had our first official showing today. We got a 30min warning thank goodness! I needed every bit of that 30min to get the kids and house and diaper bags and me get the picture...together =) And that was with Jeremiah helping! We got the warning call from the realtor right when Jeremiah was in the middle of changing the oil in both vehicles and I had just told Ella she could dump out ALL of her blocks (so we could make a massive-cool creation!) on the living room floor. Oh yea, and Ezra was in the middle of his nap too. Well, we got the driveway and cars cleaned up, the blocks picked up, and woke Ezra up and headed to our friends house to hang out for a little bit. I have to say I am quite weirded out with the thought of strangers walking thru our house and looking into all our closets and stuff. Kinda freaky to me. I learned a couple of things from today:

1) I need to have the diaper bags packed and ready to go AT ALL TIMES!
2) I need to have a checklist of things to do b/f leaving the house
a) Open all blinds (I usually keep the ones in our bathroom and Ezra's room closed)
b) Hide computer/cameras/ipod/anything else of value in a safe spot
c) Hide dish drainer and other "cluttery" stuff in laundry closet
3) Keep the pac n' play and any other nap stuff in the back of the car AT ALL TIMES!
4) That our friends Michealla and Andy are awesome for letting us crash at their house!

Have I mentioned before that I really hope and pray that this is a quick process?!!
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mommajeane said...

We are praying that it sells quickly too.... Can't wait till you all are at the farm.

Tasha Via said...

me too. We hated we missed you on Sun. We headed back right after breakfast this morning and got right back in the swing of things today=)