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Sunday nights are always kinda crazy around here trying to get back out to church. I have to get the kids up from their naps, feed them dinner, pack both diaper bags, etc. This past Sunday night I was busy feeding Ezra and wasn't really paying attention to Ella. After I finished with Ezra I went to go change his diaper and caught Ella playing with the telephone (or as she calls it, the "hello"). I took it from her and didn't really think anything more about it. For some weird unexplained reason I have always made the tv remotes a "no touch", but never made the "hello's" a no-no. I was putting Ezra in the car-seat, ready to walk out to the car when the door-bell rang. I opened to door to find two police officers there asking me, "Ma'am, we got a 911 call from your number. Is everything ok?". I didn't even get a chance to answer when Ella peeks from around my legs and says, "Hey Guys!" Obviously, I explained that there was no emergency...I just had a 2 year old that must have accidentally called them. I made Ella apologize and had the officers explain to Ella why she is not allowed to play with the "hello" anymore. Her eyes were as big as saucers as she looked up at them =) Fortunately the officers were very understanding. One of them even made the comment that she understood...she has a 3yr old herself. Still, it was quite embarrassing. I am happy to say that the whole thing did help to restore some of my faith in the Durham City police. It couldn't have been more than 5-8mins from the time I caught Ella with the phone to the time the doorbell rang.

We were nice and late to church that night =)
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wow! that's funny. smart girl. :)