Sore toes

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Yesterday I was playing a game with Ella. It consisted of her running from me and me running after her. Yes, I know...very complex game =) Well, during the course of the game I jammed my left foot into the ottoman in my bedroom. I think I have jammed/sprained/broken something in my left foot? Not fun.

This morning Pastor Clay kicked off a new message series with an incredible sermon on the family. I'm not sure which toes hurt more...the ones I jammed yesterday or the ones that were stepped on today at church?

I love a good toe-stomping sermon. Although, to be honest, it's usually easier to think of how applicable the sermon is for someone else. Not today though. The Holy Spirit was doing a number on MY toes =)

I won't give all the details of the sermon - You can look up Ephesians 5&6 if you want. But I am just so thankful for opportunities to grow, for being in a church where I am constantly challenged to mature and work out my faith.
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