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Jeremiah and I head out this afternoon to Boone, NC for a long weekend of skiing with our students from Greystone. My Mom is coming to watch the kids. I am so excited for a weekend to be with Jeremiah (and 22 youth!). It is a student life ski weekend, so I am excited for the worship sessions at night too. I am a little sad about leaving the kids, especially since we are supposedly getting SNOW here tomorrow, and I'll probably miss their 1st ever real snow =( Sigh... I know they are going to have a blast with their Nana and Aunt Mya...they probably won't even miss us =) Anyways, keep us in your prayers this weekend...for safety and that God will work in the hearts of our students (and us too!). Love you guys!!!

p.s. Oh yea, I am so excited that I am not pregnant this time. Haha. Last year when we went I was 8weeks pregnant and pretty much spent the whole weekend either throwing up or curled up in the fetal position wanting to throw up =) That whole weekend is just a haze of nauseous memories =)
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