I'm loving it

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It seems like McDonald's happy meal toys have been on a downhill spiral for quite a while now.

Either a ridiculous "kidz jam" cd or annoying talking animals that seem to be set off to talk at random times...just to name a few of the last few toy flops.

This weekend, however, I was pleasantly surprised by their current toys.

For Ezra: A lego car you put together and complete with stickers.
Blocks + cars + stickers = A very happy Ezra

For Ella: A american girls book with paper dolls and stickers.
Books + dolls + stickers = A very happy Ella

Please notice the difference in my two children in the below picture: Ella is sitting quietly in the chair putting her dolls to bed and waking them up...while Ezra is standing on the chair and crashing his car off the table repeatedly while making loud crashing noises =)

Of course, my favorite is Chick-fil-a, where you can trade in your toy for a child sized ice cream cone.

Who wouldn't choose ice cream over a toy that is going to end up in the trash in a day or two?!

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Briana said...

I got the kids meal on Sunday night while driving home from VA...I got the boy toy and was also very excited to have a car with stickers to put together. hehehee, seems to be a good sign for me. ;)

Sounds like an excuse to get McDonalds to me! The girls would love those dolls - for at least a few minutes before they got torn or lost . . . :)