Thursday Thoughts

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After getting over my "mumbliness" from Monday I can say I have embraced our return to normalcy.

Things like grocery shopping, swimming, laundry, play dates with friends, cooking dinner, library story hour, roomtimes, gardening and exercising have felt fresh and exciting all over again.

Don't you wish you could somehow hold onto that appreciation after returning from a trip?!

Ella has been a delight this week. Very sweet and affectionate.

She surprised me (and herself!) by accidentally getting in the pool without her floaties and taking off swimming. She made it way into the pool before realizing what she had done, and managed to turn around and swim all the way back to the steps. She freaked out for a minute but then wanted to do it again and again.

We finished up with her ABC school this week too. We officially made it all the way to Z! She knows the sounds of all of the letters very well. Next we are working on the long and short sounds of the vowels. She can read simple words like cat, hat, bat, mat. It is so exciting to see things "click" in her little mind.

Ezra has been, um, not so delightful this week. I hesitate to say terrible two's...because I hate that phrase and what it implies. But, we definitely have been dealing with more temper tantrums with him than we ever have before. I am being patient and chalking a lot of it up to us being gone and out of routine for weeks. However, if this continues into next will be behavioral bootcamp for him =)

Jeremiah is excited to start the new fall schedule at Grey Stone. Our Duke students returned to campus this week and he has a lot of cool things planned for this semester with lunches, football games, and Ikea trip, and a new apologetics Bible study.

I am also excited to see the hectic summer schedule winding down. I am excited (short term) for my date with Jeremiah tonight. We have had a lot of time together lately...but not quality time. We didn't even sleep in the same room in Haiti =)

I am excited (longer term) as my sister Mary Kate is getting married in a few weeks and I am looking forward to having the time to focus on some of the wedding plans. I am so excited for her and Keith and Ava to start their own little family!

I am also excited that we are "officially" in the information gathering stage of the international adoption process. This probably comes as no big surprise to most of you that know us we have wanted to adopt since before we even had Ella and Ezra. We plan to start the actual process within a month or two. Please pray for sensitivity to the Lord's direction as the options are quite overwhelming. We will keep you all updated.

I am working on a summary post of my thoughts on the Haiti trip...still processing through a lot of what we saw and experienced.

This was quite the mish-mash post of updates and thoughts...but that is kind of how my mind works these days =)

Happy Thursday!

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Tasha Via said...

I like the mish-mash post...very informative! I am SO excited for ya'll as you begin the adoption journey...We'll def. be praying for you in that area. Glad you are winding down your schedule and getting your routine back. I'm so excited to go walk/jogging with you the next time I see more out of breathe prego lady slowing you down=) Sorry about Ezra, hopefully it's just like you said and routine will fix the attitude.

Heather said...

I'm so excited that you are starting the information process. I'll recommend one great book, "Adopted for Life" by Russell Moore. Sounds like things are getting back to "normal." Thanks for posting all your pictures, they are great!