Thursday Thoughts

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We've had a great week. A very kid-centered week of playing at the park, swimming with friends, library trips and such.

I decided today that we needed a stay at home and get things done kind of day.

Not quite as much fun, but necessary.

Here's what we (yes, I do mean we) have been up to today:

Cleaned. Laundry (including sheets and towels). Planned meal lists. Printed, cut, and filed coupons. Prepared for a mega-couponing extravaganza to take place tomorrow. Watered flowers. Weeded flower beds. Renewed health insurance information. Stuff like that.

And. Oh yes. I taught Ella that popcorn sticks to your tongue. Even when you jiggle your tongue around outside of your mouth.

We also managed to fit in some time for painting. Usually Ezra only has an attention span of 1/2 second for art projects. Today though, he actually got into his painting. I think this is the 1st official artwork of his that has made it to the fridge.

Some pictures of my budding Rothko's:

If you don't know who Rothko is I recommend looking him up. One of my favorite artists. Besides this one.

Adoptionwise, things are moving along in the information gathering process. Because I tend to be a perfectionist and want to know everything there is to know about something all of my naptimes and bedtimes this week have been spent in this acquiring of information. Of course it doesn't hurt to have an expert in the family. Keep praying for continued direction.

About that couponing extravaganza. I am planning a 4 store (possibly 5) trip tomorrow. I'll try to post pictures for you tomorrow.

And finally. We had friends, Justin and Carter, over from church tonight. Justin is the new student pastor at Grey Stone. We had a great time with them and look forward to working together with them in ministry at Grey Stone!

Tomorrow is Jeremiah's day off.


Happy Thursday!

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Briana said...

you are too sweet. I totally fell for it...oh, who could it be? I love Rothko too, you should frame that blue/yellow one. Very nice.

i hope my little man is an artist...