Best Girl Weekend Recap

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Ella and I had a great weekend together!

She was a great traveling companion...sharing her snacks and listening to Adventures in Odyssey with me =)

Too bad she couldn't see to warn me to slow down before the cop pulled me over for speeding.


I broke a twelve year streak and got a speeding ticket. How embarrassing.

Ella asked if we were going to jail. She seemed kind of disappointed when I told her no.

Oh well.

One ticket every 12 years isn't too bad, right?!

Other than the speeding ticket the weekend was incredibly fun!

A highlight for me was going out for Sunday brunch with my Mom and three biological sisters:

Just us sisters:
(l to r)Laura Jeane, Me, Molly, Mary Kate

The whole gang:

It was a very special weekend celebrating Mary Kate and Keith's upcoming wedding.

Their wedding shower was great and they received a lot of nice things that will help them as they move into their new home.

I don't have any pictures of the actual shower because I was doing the games...oops.

I'll do a better job of documenting their actual wedding, I promise!

Ella and I made it home this afternoon...sans speeding ticket thankfully...and I am happy to be back with my best girl and best boys!
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Kelly Via said...

How fun!! I am so glad you had such a great time...even though you *Almost* went to jail :) Hehe. 12 years and one ticket sounds pretty stinkin good to me! I love how you guys used the Cracker Barrel rocking chairs as a great photo op!!

mommajeane said...

It was a great weekend... we loved having you. Can't wait for our time at the beach next week... Tell Ella, Mya misses her sleeping buddy.I love the pics...

Briana said...

love it. you are looking super cute these days by the way. So great to see you and 'the girls'. Oh the memories... My goodness Molly's hair is so dark...she could be my sister. ;)

glad you had fun. love ya