ThankFull Week (Letters)

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We are taking the time today to write a good old fashioned thank you letter.

Yes. On paper!

How bout' that.

Ella and Ezra each picked (yes, I did sort of prompt Ezra) someone to write a letter to...expressing their simple thanks for what this person is in their life.

Jeremiah and I will be writing some as well.

Writing a thank you note doesn't take up much of my time...yet, I admit this is something I should do much more often.

Who do you need to take the time to thank today?

Proverbs 11:25

He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.
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Jeanne D said...

I thank you, Jenn. I love reading your blog, because you are right, we have to intentional about our thoughts, our thankfulness, our behavior and our parenting. Your words help me remember, even on days when your situation isn't remotely like mine. It's just an attitude that is contagious. Plus, I love the silly pictures and anecdotes just for entertainment. We are stealing you blessing chain idea today, by the way. I would never have enough paper for all my blessings, but it's a good start!

Jeanne said...

Here is what TJ put on his first 6 chain links: "Toys", "Bible", "Daddy", (not Mommy, but I'm coping), "books", "toys" again (plus one "guns", which I vetoed) and "My Life". It was fun for him because he can write the letters now if you spell it out for him. Thanks again for the great idea, the teenagers loved it, too. Our chain is quite long!