Thursday Thoughts

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See this.

It all turned into this.

What is this?

I'm so glad you asked =)

A finished packet of documents for our dossier mailed off to our adoption agency earlier this week!

I would say I am enjoying a nice break from paper pushing...but that would not be true. I have turned my efforts into filling out adoption grant applications =)

Rain, rain, go away. 5 kids stuck inside for two going on three loooong days...enough said.

We rented the movie Up tonight for our family movie night. We all loved it! I'll probably be admitting on my next not me monday that I did not cry at it. Nope. Not me.

Happy Thursday!
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Deb H said...

We watched it too!! I did NOT cry right at the beginning!!! what a sap! Reminds me of your dad Miah!
sweet ole guy!