Not Me Monday (The Jeremiah Edition)

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Jeremiah did not (did not!) cry during the movie "Up" this weekend.

He always chooses healthy breakfast options for his children and would never ever let them gorge themselves on sausage links.


Jeremiah would never argue with his wife over trivial matters like blog posts. Nope.

Not even once.

He would never threaten to throw a phone against a tree just so he could get a new one.

How silly.

He did not get into an unexplainable bad mood over the weekend and blame it (really) on a brain tumor. Of course not.

No. Not him.

Not my Jeremiah.

Care to share anything your husband never does?
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Jennifer said...

That was funny...I should do a "John Edition" on our family blog!

Tasha Via said...

Love this one. And I can honestly say that Jeremiah definitely DID NOT get in that bad mood the other night. He is ALWAYS happy and smiling, willing to take care of the kids, even before bedtime, HA!=)

Briana said...

yikes, looks like you might have another "did not get in a fight over a blog post" again. :) hehehee, danger zone!