For the first time in four years...

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We don't have a crib set up in our house.


Ezra spent his official first night in his "big boy" bed last night.

Can you tell he was so excited...

He did really good at obeying and staying in his bed.

He did, however, fall out of bed. Three times.

Yeah, we need to get a batter rail system in place.

Next step...

Potty training?


We are not even going near that one anytime soon =)
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That is a big day for Ezra!!
You had mentioned that you need a bedrail system and a friend of my had mentioned that these bedrails are working really well for her little girl ... so i thought I would share the info with you!

Good Luck with the potty training ;-)

Jennifer said...

That's great! He looks so happy in his big boy bed too.