Not Me Monday

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I did not let my daughter eat a piece of chocolate found in her stocking...left over from...ahem...last year.

I mean, really, what kind of mother do you think I am?

I did not also eat a piece of chocolate found in her stocking...left over from...yeah...last year.

How desperate for chocolate do you think I am?

And I most certainly did not have a hickey on my neck that I tried (unsuccessfully) to cover up with make up before giving my testimony in Elevation on Sunday.

Married couples don't get hickeys.

Especially super spiritual ones like the pastor and his wife.

Oh no.

Not me.
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Tasha Via said...

Jenn, I am appalled. I can only imagine what kind of things went on upstairs when we lived with ya'll! *gasp*

OK, that's just too funny! :)

Renae said...

I'm so LOVING following your blog! It appears we have the same sense of humor!


Briana said...

ha! I'm so proud of you for sharing that! That's hilarious. Man, wish i'd been there to see what happened again? ;)

Jennifer said...

I love the family photo in your prior post!

And...a hickey...kudos to you!!! ;-)

Stevo said...

the funny thing is that you posted this the day after jeremiah told the whole college group to read your blog. i doubt he was expecting this to be on here.

Kristen said...

You guys can borrow the micron if you'd like...

Jeremullet said...

Hickeys are guaranteed to increase blog traffic by 10 fold! I did it for you babe!

Bobbie Grant said...

That is about the funniest thing I'e ever heard!!! Go Jenn!

mommajeane said...

I came down to visit them Sunday... and I noticed it and did not say a word... glad she outed herself... :)