Photojournal:Thanksgiving 2009

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The Whole Hambrick Clan, take 1 (minus those know who you are!)

Granny and the great grandkids (minus sleeping Ezra)

After stuffing ourselves for the second day in a row, we decided we needed to find a park to burn off some of those calories...

Addie is going to hate this one (but I just couldn't resist!)

Just to make Addie feel is one of me that I don't like. Really, who can do monkey bars?

Gymnastics with Heather

Football with Daddy

The Whole Clan, take 2 (minus those missing)

Gramma introduced the kids to the "secret" cupboard. You know, kind of like the Narnia wardrobe. Kept them occupied for a loooong time!

And kept them quiet (except for when they were surprising unsuspecting people)!

We decided to take a family trip to see the Roanoke star as it had been years since Jeremiah or I had been. The kids loved it...

Well...except for the cold which Ella is clearly demonstrating on her face!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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mommajeane said...

Thanks for the pictures.. looks like a great time was had by all. I love the view from the star at nite especially.

Addie said...

Gee, thanks, appreciate that one