Date Swap

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Wanting to take advantage of our built in babysitting arrangement we worked out a date swap this week.

Monday was our night to go out while Josh and Tasha held the fort down with all five kids.

We went to dinner at Chai's in Erwin Square. Jeremiah has been a lot but it was my first time. Loved it! Not that I am too hard to long as I don't have to think it up, cook it up, or clean it up I am good to go! Oh yes, and to eat an entire meal and stay in my seat and to have uninterrupted conversation with my favorite conversationalist...incredible!

Tuesday night was Josh and Tasha's night while we took care of the kiddo's. Having 5 kids, 4 and under will definitely keep you busy...but we had a blast!

We will definitely be doing this date swap thing again!
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I think I might invite a family to come live with us just for that reason!! :)