Homeschooling: The Color Wheel

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One of the earliest "school" memories I have is sitting in my elementary art class learning about the color wheel. I remember being fascinated by the fact that I could make all the colors I wanted just by mixing the 3 primary colors. Yes, I know...I was (and still am) a bit artsy fartsy and those kinda things are right up my alley. Color theory in college...ah, heaven!

Anyways, I was excited to take a break from our books and did a lesson on the color wheel for my kiddo's. Although, I'm not sure their excitement quite matched mine.

With this lesson came a big (HUGE) new step in my teaching Ella. After I explained the concept of the color wheel she actually asked me, "How do you know this?"

As in, I am not going to just take your word for it...I need to see this for myself. The first time in our schooling process where she hasn't just taken what I've said as truth.

I was so excited for that question as one of my mail goals in teaching my children is for them not to just take my word, but to know for themselves...and to give them the tools to learn to decipher and investigate. To not just turn off their brains and believe me, but to really really know things for themselves.

And so we broke out the paints and set off to see if what I said was really true...

The above picture was Ella's final "proof". She was quick to point out that the orange was more peach than true orange (she is my daughter after all!), but finally conceded that in theory, the color wheel theory was true.

But I have a feeling the real lesson of the day went far beyond the color wheel.

Sidenote: I didn't think it was worth taking a picture of the boys "work" as somehow all their color mixing just ended up as brown, ha!

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mommajeane said...

I like brown :) Ella sure is your daughter...I wonder how Zoe will be )

Brown could spur some testosterone-filled lesson for another day.