Not Me Monday (on tuesday because i somehow totally missed monday)

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I did not let my daughter play "beauty parlor" on me and go all out with my make up.

I did not let my daughter play "hairdresser" and attempt to cornrow my hair.

And the final effects were not...shall we say...breathtaking. As in "you would stop breathing in surprise if you saw me."

And, of course, I would get caught up in nursing the baby and feeding the other kids lunch (and so on and so forth...) and forget the new look I was sporting.

And, of course, the UPS man did not choose that afternoon to make a delivery.

And, of course, I did not open the door looking like a 1980's fashion model gone very wrong.

And, he, of course, did not stare and stare at my breathtaking new look.

And, I, of course, would not think he was a bit rude and inappropriate.

Nope. Not me.

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DebHambrick said...

what? no picture! what a shame I would have liked to have seen that along with a few others I am sure!

kristal said...

What? No pictures of this? I am sure we would all love to see!

Tasha Via said...

Man, where is the picture of that one, ha!!!!

Briana said...

good one.