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Rainy days. Rainy days. Gotta love some rainy days.

Except when your 3 littles are bouncing off the walls with unrestrained energy. I actually had them run on the treadmill yesterday in hopes of using up some of that energy.

Why is it that instead of using up their energy, being active seems to multiply it?

My dear friend Tasha (and family) is in Uganda still in the process of adopting their little girl. They have met some setbacks time wise with court dates and such and it is looking like they will be gone longer than expected. I can hear the many emotions she is feeling in her "voice" as she writes and it just takes me back to all the feelings I experienced when we first adopted Eli.

If you had told me 15 months ago that I would look back on those feelings and it all be a blur I wouldn't have believed you. Not for a second.

BUT God is so faithful. And those feelings are a blur.

Please pray for Tasha and family.

Things are moving along with the new house process. We got the inspection out of the way this week. Found a few surprises...but hopefully nothing the sellers won't balk about fixing.

The kids enjoyed a brief break in the rain earlier this week...

We have been having a fruit fly problem in our house this past week. Those things are seriously annoying. Seriously. And so I went to the wonderful world wide web to google ways to get rid of them. I happened to come across a helpful website that told of a way to catch and release them.



Who in their right mind would want to catch and release a fruit fly? What is wrong with people?

Moving on...

I did find that placing a small bowl of apple cider vinegar, water, and dish soap does a wonderful job of killing them. No catching and releasing around here.

Happy Thursday!
(unless you happen to be a hambick fruit fly...then your hours are numbered)
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Tasha Via said...

Thank you, Jenn! Miss you tremendously and love to read your blog. It brings me back to my "normal" days, ha! I'll be back there soon...

The fruit fly thing must be going around in Durham - I've had the same problem!!! I'll try your remedy!

Danielle Via said...

We have those pesky things too! I hope to talk to you soon to hear more about the house.

I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing your photos. And, I'm so happy that you posted about the fruit flies! I tried that mixture and must have caught about 15 of them by this morning.

jrsreagan said...

We have the same fruit fly problem up here right now also! I have been using the vinegar method for years, and it is the only thing that has ever worked or me. You can actually use balsamic also...just an FYI!! Hope you guys are well!!

I can't wait to try the fruit fly fix! For 2 weeks we have been fighting them and can get rid of them!