thursday thoughts

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I love this.

And this made me rofl...
(that's "roll on the floor laughing" for those of you not as cool as me)
(ok, honestly...i didn't know what rofl stood for either. i had to look it up. i'm so lame.)

I also love the fact that we HAVE A HOUSE to move into.

Woop. Woop.

After six long weeks of house hunting and finding houses and losing houses and finding houses and losing houses...we finally got a contract to stick. Smack dab on a great house.

I am also in love with this weather this week. Perfect. (Except if this is Tasha reading this...then the weather has been awful and you aren't missing anything!)

My kids have been taking full advantage of this weather and been playing outside all the time. One of their favorite things to do has been making me birthday cake, au natural. This one was a delicious dark chocolate...

Our resident cake boss, hard at work...

You know you want one.

The cake, not the girl...she's mine. And I'm not sharing =)

Happy Thursday!

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Renae said...

LOL!! I posted this pic on facebook earlier this week and I ROFL'd too! With 6 kids, I look like this poor mom more than I want to admit!;)

Tasha Via said...

Ha! Loved both of those pictures, hahaha...

And I'm so glad that I don't have to be jealous of your weather while we sweat here in the heat with no air:)

Anonymous said...

Love it! You have a great blog. I'm getting really good homeschooling ideas, so thank you!