Homeschooling: these are the days of the week

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Ella has been obsessed with dates recently...

"How many more days until my birthday?"
"How many more days until we go to Nana's?"
"How many more days until Christmas?"
"How many more days until _____________?"

And so, in order to save my sanity, and provide her with some answers we made up our own personalized monthly calendars. She checks it off every day and counts down until the next exciting thing in her life. I love that every time she asks one of the "how many..." questions I can just tell her to go count for herself.

It was also great practice for her writing her numbers, counting, reviewing the seasons, and more.

And very effective at eliminating all those pesky questions. (Did I just write that out loud?)

Now onto mastering the whole clock and time thing...

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Awesome! You would make a great teacher, Jenn! As for the clock....this may be too difficult for her (I did it with 3rd graders), but I taught that the long hand stood for minute which is a long word. The short hand stands for hour which is a short word. Also, the minute hand is really a "5 minute code." It is a code because it doesn't actually say what it looks like (i.e., the 1 really stands for 5 minutes, the 2 really stands for 10 minutes, etc.)They used to really get into the whole "code" it was a secret or something.

Tasha Via said...

We totally did the calendar thing with our kids after being asked so many questions over and over again:) Glad you found a way to keep your sanity!