you've got a friend

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the kids have a favorite park here in durham.
they call it the secret park.
we've been playing there ever since eli joined our family.

there is a certain slide there that ella and ezra love to climb up.
because up is the new down to those two.

eli has never ever attempted to go up this one.
but longingly watched his siblings from the sidelines.


ella spoke to him "come on buddy, you can do it. i will help."
and off he went.

fear stalled him about halfway up.

good thing ella was right there.
supporting him.
pushing him.

and so.
for the first time.
he did it.

they did it.

a tiny huge miracle.
the moments that make my life.

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Love everything about this post! :)

mommajeane said...

What an their relationship and can't wait to love on them next week.

Wow, great accomplishment! Alli and I used to live a few houses down from that "secret" park, and she thought it totally belonged to us. She generously allowed kids from other families to play there too.