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yep, still alive...

but covered up in boxes and all the good stuff that comes with moving.

if only i could just move like a normal person...and, well...just move.

instead i cram a whole lotta painting, light fixture changing, furniture exchanging, and some other things that end with -ing.

it'll all be worth it. and i am loving our new place.

the older kids come home tomorrow (thanks Nana for keeping them out of my hair so we could get so much accomplished!) i have approximately 20 hours to put any finishing touches on any projects i don't want three extra sets of helping hands on!

it'll be a rush to the finish, for sure.

pictures to come...
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Kelly Via said...

You are the queen of getting a new home unpacked and beautiful in record time, that is for SURE. You definitely pack a lot into your time, but yes, it will all be worth it! I can't wait to come over and visit in your new place!! Very excited for you guys...

Tasha Via said...

I'm still a little sad with Ella over the newly painted dining room. I just don't get why you didn't like that pink and purple...;)

You are amazing. You are the only one I know who can move into a new house, completely decorate it and give me a Christmas list all at the same time. Ha! Can't wait to see you new place.

Briana said...

can't wait to see pics of the new house! hope to see you in VA over xmas, love ya.

p.s. if you have of those maternity clothes you've grown out of i know one chubby lady who could use them. ;)

DebHambrick said...

awesome Jenn! You are amazing!!
I can't wait to see pics! or the real thing!!

Love you all!