the car seat personality test

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I've decided that I can deduce a lot about my kids unique personalities from how they respond to Zoe crying while in her car seat.

Eli: Either ignores it completely or tries to rub her head and give her a kiss.

Ezra: Puts his hands over his ears and tells me "Mom, Zoe's crying", "Mom, Zoe's crying", "Mom, Zoe's crying", "Mom, Zoe's crying..."

Ella: Gives me a "look" and tells me "Mom, she is just going to have to cry."

Eli is sweetness personified,
Ezra freaks out,
and Ella is full of practicality.

My favorite part is when they are all doing these reactions simultaneously to Zoe's crying. I'm sure you could tell a lot about my personality during those moments.


Not that this sweet little face ever cries, of course.

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mommajeane said...

Each time you post her picture I can't get over how much she resembles her daddy...Even her expression that you caught in this picture reminds me of him too. I love it.

Keesha Via said...

I love reading up on your sweet family! Zoe is such a cutey! It is so funny cause I can just picture each one of them responding. Miss you guys!

Love it!! She is sooo cute!!