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i am thankful that it is almost 2012.
because that means i have survived 2011.
and 2011 was something to survive.

i am thankful that i truly-really-telling-the-truth-100% think my husband just keeps getting better and better and better and better.

i am thankful that my kids are very forgiving.

i am thankful my God is in control.
even when i so desperately want to be.

i am thankful i can wear my skinny jeans again.
with only a little spillage.

i am thankful that i get to spend my days with the cutest baby in the world.
who lets me rock her to sleep every night. (my others weren't too keen on the whole rocking thing)

i am thankful to be a part of a church where Jesus is lifted high.
and lives are being changed.

but mostly i am thankful that Jesus has changed my life.
i don't ever (EVER) want to get over it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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We are so thankful for you! Miss you today. Are you all coming to see us tomorrow? Hope so.