an update and this is when the whirlwind begins

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**Update on prayer request** Homeland security did not step in and allow an override in obtaining Shabila's visa. Her case will now (weirdly enough) go to Kenya. Tasha is getting on a plane today to come home with only two of her kids, leaving Josh to stay with Shabila until they have further direction. I talked with Tasha yesterday, and their strength continues to amaze me. They are resting in the faithfulness of their BIG God.

Continue to pray.


Our life for the next few weeks is going to be C.r.a.Z.y.

Here and there and everywhere with company coming in, Thanksgiving travels, a trip to Green Bay Wisconsin to see the Green Bay packers play at Lambau field, and a tiny little thing called a MOVE thrown in for fun.

I am so excited to be moved and settled and finally out of this lovely transitional stage.

We had our walk-thru at our new house this week and everything looks good. Things here are about 95% packed up...leaving just enough stuff to cook with and wipe our bottoms with.

I am seriously considering not un-packing the kids toys at the new house and just letting them continue to play with the boxes. Why do I even bother with toys? The possibilities with empty cardboard boxes are endless...

My blogging over the next little bit might be a bit sporadic...but keep checking in because you never know when something awesome like a bearded man with an ax and a baby just might show up.

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poor Tasha, keep reminding me to pray OK? Man...what a terrible situation. Good luck with the move!

Briana said...

I love your randomness. ;)